Should Your Business Invest in a mobile App?

I went to lunch the other day at a restaurant in Bradenton.  As I was waiting to be served, I picked up a card on the table with a QR code asking me to download their mobile app.  For all I know, this is their only location.  Why download an app when I can just go to their website on my phone?  I pulled up their website and I couldn’t read any of it.  It was tiny print and I had to scroll side to side to see the whole page. 

After all of the effort this place had put into getting a mobile app designed, they had ignored making their website mobile friendly.  I don’t see the point of spending the budget on a mobile app for most small local businesses.  You’d be better off investing that money into having a mobile responsive site developed. Here is an example of a website that Apollo Digital Marketing designed:  Open that on your phone (Or this website for that matter), you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You can check with Google to see if they think your website is mobile friendly here:

Your Timeline-Google's new Maps feature

Google rolled out a new feature called Your Timeline last night.  They say that it lets you "view the places you've been on a given day, month or year."  I'm well aware that Google and many other services use location tracking to target advertising, help you recover a lost device, security settings, etc.  But, this one feels even more intrusive and a little bit creepy to me.  

It's now supposedly "private and only visible to you".  If, like me, you would like to prevent Google from having this level of access to where you've been, you need to turn your location history off.  You can find instructions to turn off and even delete your location history here